Signs that a man is starting to get erectile dysfunction

You’re probably familiar with the sexual health concern of erectile dysfunction or ED. You may have even heard about it from a friend that has it or on media channels as they promote sexual wellness awareness. 

But what does it mean for men, and how does it affect their sexual relationship with Atlanta escorts? It is necessary to understand what erectile dysfunction is and whether this concern applies to a man like you or to someone you know.

Experiences More Difficulty Getting An Erection 

If you’re noticing that you have more trouble getting an erection than before, it could be a sign of erectile dysfunction. This can be caused by many factors:

The penis becomes less sensitive to stimulation over time. As men age, their bodies produce less testosterone and other hormones that help maintain an erection. 

They may also experience physical changes in their penises that make them less responsive to stimulation, as the arteries become less flexible or the veins become less elastic. These changes result in an inability to get and maintain erections as well as increased difficulty achieving one when excited and having trouble getting aroused.

Erection Doesn’t Last As Long As It Used To

If you have been having trouble with your erections, this may be a sign of ED. It’s important to know that a normal erection should last for about 4 hours, so if yours lasts less than 2 hours or if you are having trouble getting an erection at all, there could be some issues with your heart health or blood flow to the penis.

Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm

You might be familiar with the situation and remember that time when you had trouble reaching orgasm. Being aware of this is actually a good thing so you will know this is that something is wrong. Other signs of ED include trouble getting an erection, not being able to maintain an erection, or having trouble ejaculating.

Seldom Having An Erection Upon Waking Up 

You may not be able to tell if you have an erection when you wake up in the morning. Many men indeed report that their erections are weaker and less frequent when they first wake up, but some men find themselves completely unable to get one at all. 

The erection usually happens in the morning because when men sleep, their bodies go through a process called detumescence, where blood flow decreases, and flaccid tissues become engorged with fluid. 

Erections typically don’t occur during this time frame because there’s no physical stimulation or excitement happening, but if your partner was playing with her breasts while sleeping next to you or any other form of sexual activity, then it could happen.

Some guys might have trouble getting hard early on in the morning because they’re still half asleep, and another reason is simply because it’s dark out.

In Conclusion

It’s not just about having an erection. The signs of having ED may not just be targeted to sexual health, so see a doctor if you think you have it. ED may be caused by other health factors, including depression and anxiety, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.