Martin White

My husband Nick and I were lucky enough to stumble across “Martin White Jeweller’s” in Tetbury almost a year ago. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by how beautiful the ring was that we saw in their window. Once tried on, I simply had to have it. It was a beautiful one off diamond and sapphire ring – unlike anything I had seen before.

Martin is clearly passionate about his work and Carrie complements him perfectly with her warm and welcoming nature. The whole experience was one of lasting pleasure.

We were made to feel so special, as if we were their only customers - and yet each time we have been in they have been busy. Their premises are so inviting and there are so many lovely pieces of jewellery to admire, one never minds waiting a few minutes.

Each customer is dealt with on a totally individual basis. When remodelling my old engagement ring into a beautiful, modern piece, Martin instinctively knew exactly what I wanted, and when I saw the ring he had made for the first time, I was absolutely overcome with joy at how perfect it was.

We have been into their shop a number of times and now consider Martin and Carrie to be friends.

We will continue to visit them whenever we are in the Cotswolds. I very much look forward to taking my daughter to meet them; so that Martin can design a special ring for her 21st

They are just the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet, and have shared with us the most precious of times. From the first ring I happened across, to my redesigned engagement ring, I have never been so delighted and attached to a piece of jewellery until we were lucky enough to meet Martin and Carrie White.

Our relationship with Martin and Carrie will continue, without a doubt.